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Dating brookfield insulators

In its early years the company went through numerous and frequent name changes, including Gray & Hemingray; Gray, Hemingray & Bros.; Gray, Hemingray & Brother; Hemingray Bros. Hemingray & Company before incorporating into the Hemingray Glass Company, Inc in 1870.The Hemingray company had factories in Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky with main production in Muncie, Indiana. There is known to have been a star logo used by the Newark Star Glass Works of Ohio. The following year, the company was sold to the Harloe Insulator Company of Hawley, Pennsylvania. The Mansfield-Nowlton Glass Works of Lockport, New York, made bottles, fruit jars and other utility glass items with a five-pointed star logo. and possibly a Star after Thomson-Houston became part of G. In 1902, the old Elmer Glass Works of Elmer, New Jersey, leased space to the Sterling Glass Company.That suggests that Lynchburg obtained obsolete molds from another company.Outdated or worn molds were usually sold to scrap dealers who would salvage the metal.The Hemingray Glass Company was an American glass manufacturing company.The company was founded by Robert Hemingray and Ralph Gray in 1848.

This style of high voltage side tie insulator was already becoming obsolete by the early 1920s replaced by various saddle groove or top groove insulators.The CD 281 was a style made only by Hemingray Glass Company and Lynchburg.If Lynchburg did not make new molds for this style, which seems highly unlikely given its obsolete nature and the short production run of CD 281 (one week), the conclusion is that somehow Lynchburg obtained Hemingray molds for this style. There still exist production and sales records from the Lynchburg plant. From those records, two facts argue against the CD 280 being a Lynchburg product.Glass insulators were originally designed as conductors and protectors of wires on the tops of telegraph, and later, telephone and electricity poles.The earliest insulators were made from the mid-1850’s, many produced in factories here in the Northeast.

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