Menstraual dating

Menstraual dating

If you don't have time to lie down and use one, then there are these great sticky heating patches (like these) that you can put on under your clothes and use them while you're doing other stuff, like going to school or work.

The heat will help soothe your cramps and, bonus, warm you up on a cold day.

When the egg is released, the follicle ruptures, causing fluid to be released into the abdominal cavity, which can be irritating for some women. A few Ibuprofen or something like Midol is probably your best best. Check out these 8 tips that will make that time of the month One of the most obvious solutions for menstrual cramps is taking some pills.If you don't find that helpful, try curling yourself into the fetal position. Source: Shutter Stock When you have bad period cramps, heating pads can be your best friend.Invest in a good one and I promise you won't regret it.

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When I was younger, I used to get the worst cramps . Source: Shutter Stock Whenever I used to get terrible cramps, I would lay down on my back and prop my feet up on a few pillows.

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