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Whether you are itching to lose it as a teen, or waiting until marriage (or somewhere in between) you are more than likely going to lose it eventually.But losing it doesn’t always work out the way we planned.“Mom went to high school with the ex-husband of a lady who lives on the other side of that mountain there,” I remember thinking while sitting in my car behind the CVS drugstore on Eagle Rock Avenue.“If she sees me, reunites with her ex-husband after seven years of divorce, and he randomly contacts my mother for the first time in twenty-eight years, I’m so dead!

The fear of being “outed” as a virgin becomes a self-perpetuating cycle.Fact: any nerd you meet spends his childhood being completely sex-obsessed.It doesn’t matter whether he’s a comic-book nerd or a Dungeons and Dragons nerd or a fantasy baseball nerd or some terribly pitiful combination of all the different kinds of nerd-dom. So my recommendation to any ladies, if you wind up dating a nerd virgin as my high-school girlfriend Veronica once did, is to let the first time sweep over both of you spontaneously. Certainly don’t pull your boyfriend aside and whisper “I’ve decided I want to lose my virginity to you.Writing for Thrillist, Rebecca Golden revealed that she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 35.Having struggled with her body image, aged 33 and weighing in at 600lbs, Rebecca had gastric bypass surgery and at 34, a large amount of leftover skin removed.

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