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(check out the packages.config file) An app folder was added for the angular app, in which the following was added: In the app folder for the angular app, there is a Chat Service which uses the angular-signalr-hub. There are soms issues with the way it is set up, but it does the trick in showing in showing how to use the angular-signalr-hub in an easy to reproduce app.

The hub in this case is the Chat Hub in this project. There is something you have to take care about when using multiple hubs in an angular app : Angular services are singletons, so they won't be instantiated before you need it.

teledyn, did you ever get logging working for chrooted users?

Nov 7 s1 sshd[23430]: Received disconnect from XX. I don't have any other suspicious activity going on that may indicate that someone really got in and I did look through all the logs and they seem very consistent with apparently no missing periods of time.

When at home, you keep in touch with comrades using an @address.

In the office, you correspond with colleagues using an email connected to your company's website URL.

I can also monitor current network traffic with iftop. If you want all sftp traffic, including login status, logged to the separate file, then you should change the log facility of sftp-server / internal-sftp to LOCAL0 or something like that. You suggestions worked perfectly for non-chrooted SFTP users, but didn't worked for my chrooted users.

Another example of the log format enables tracking different time values between NGINX and an upstream server that may help to diagnose a problem if your website experience slowdowns.

You can use the following variables to log the indicated time values: directive to specify the size of the buffer.

The configuration below changes the minimal severity level of error messages to log from levels and overrides the setting inherited from the higher levels.

In case of an error, the message is written to only one error log, the one closest to the level where the error has occurred.

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However, I cannot view which file a specific user is downloading. However, it led me on the right track in contrasting the differences between logging for non-chroot and chroot.

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