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But now, you’ll have to put the rubber to the road to see if this relationship has any potential to go the distance.Whether you are on a bike or in a car, try these commandments before your next road trip.The 10 Commandments of Dating and Travel So you think you’ve met the guy or girl of your dreams.You’ve been dating for a while now, and have started to feel comfortable with your new crush.Therefore, there may be dates that a married couple goes on that they may not necessarily do again, but trying new things, helps strengthen a relationship., a professor of social psychology at Stony Brook University teaches the idea that couples should tailor their date nights around new and different activities that they both enjoy.Thou shall not bad-mouth him at work if you break up. You shall not idealize your date, you still don’t know them..[You shall not make idols]3. Honor your mom and dad issues, aka figure your stuff out, before projecting all of it on them. You shall always disclose if you are married or in an open relationship.[You shall not commit adultery]8.

And riding on bikes, hundreds of miles across the country is even more intimate, because it’s just you and them, and the open road.The Test To get some actual mileage on your relationship, the best way is to put it to the travel test. Well it’s because being in each other’s company 24/7, making important decisions together, like in which direction to go, will either bond you tighter or tear you apart.It all depends on how you react to each other’s tendencies, habits and energies. Remember not to use your phone when on a date, especially don’t tinder when they are in the bathroom.[Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy]5. They made time for you.[You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain]4.

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Thou shall continue to foster relationships and friendships by socializing with other coworkers.9.

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